PIB: Poetry In Bloom

a different kind of evolution

What is brewing in our gardens?

 PIB: Poetry In Bloom conspires with light, shadow, colour and form to bring you beauty in bloom. Some shy, some explosive, some awkward, some voluptuous; but all inspired by the kingdoms of plantae and animalia.

In our specially conjured gardens of eden, you will find sensational themes that breakdown the multifarious flora and fuana species in the most unsuspecting categories. Enjoy this providence of visual poetry with compliments from the PIB team.

If you look the right way,
you can see that the whole world is a garden. 
- Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

How can you care for our gardens?

Under 'Orphans' are unidentified plantaes and animalias. This is your chance to add commentary about what you know. Help us to identify the species if you can. You can also feel free to leave commentary about our collection and inspire us with your beautiful minds.

Or email to ruthong@asia.com if you wish to contribute to PIB!

Who is nourishing our gardens?